Category "Life"

June 2018


Ignorance, the quality that we so despise in others, is not something any of us can ever claim to be without, no matter how broad or deep we’ve explored. We’re all ignorant.

January 2018


Curiously, I asked my cousin a question over lunch in Taipei, wrestling with pieces of my identity as an American-born Taiwanese. “Is it obvious to people that I’m not from here?”

November 2016

Identity Politics is a Disservice to Identity

There’s no doubt that the events of 2016 have once again exposed the deep differences that make us uniquely American. Looking back through the historical events that have made the United States the country it is today, I can’t help but wonder when we will learn from our mistakes.

November 2016

Food, Politics, and Life in South America

From the snow covered Andes in Chile to the rich biodiversity in the Amazon, South America is home to 422 million people; all of whom have unbelievably rich stories, customs, and cuisines.

May 2015

Hindsight is not 20/20

Everyone says experience is the best education. However, looking backwards is often subconsciously clouded with emotional biases and incomplete information that form inaccurate conclusions that restrict our ability to keep an open mind, hindering our ability to see objectively.

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