Category "Entrepreneurship"

October 2014

Uncovering Secrets – Mindsets Toward Building the Future

In his most recent book, Peter Thiel talks about secrets. Secrets in the sense of truths that have not yet been discovered that will help the human condition. These are secrets that, once discovered, will give a lucky researcher or entrepreneur the ability to capitalize on their secret.

October 2014

The Psychology of Pitching

I used to be the shortest, weakest, and most annoying kid on the planet. I was extremely socially awkward.

July 2014


Competition is a good thing. It pushes people to perform better, companies to make better products, and prices to drop.

July 2014

Culture Doesn’t Scale

The book I’m Feeling Lucky talks about Google’s progression from being a 50 person startup company to being the company we see today. It’s an account from a journalist who steps on as Google’s 59th employee. The book shares many of the milestones that Google experienced along the way.

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